What’s this site re ‘stress free wealth creation’ all about?

Well, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It’s not a scam. It’s not a Ponzi scheme. It’s not an illegal enterprise.

Put simply, it’s all about me helping you to grow your wealth substantially through investing in Section 8 properties in the US. I will show you how to do this in a stress free way and without costing you much, if any, of your own money. I will share some very useful tips and give you the confidence to reach for the stars.

We all want to build enough wealth to enable us to buy the nicer things in life and to live comfortably in a manner where we do not have to worry about how we can pay the next bill or how to pay for our children’s college education. I will help you to look forward to a retirement without any financial worries or burden.

stress free wealth creation section 8 investment properties US
Increase your wealth through Section 8 property investing.

How exactly can I help you?

After discovering the ‘Section 8’ phenomenon 7 years ago, I started to dabble in investing in US properties, with the intention of personal wealth creation. A little naively in the beginning, but learning from my mistakes and spending some more money than I needed to. Over the years I established some excellent contacts with bankers, wholesalers, lenders and property managers. I gradually got things right and developed a concrete fool-proof process for building my US Section 8 property empire – I now have approx 200 properties across the US, almost all rented to Section 8 tenants and producing excellent income. The value of these properties is approx $20,000,000 with current net rental yield of approx $4,000,000. Not bad for someone who had no prior experience of, or interest in, property investing. And I started out with $25,000 to invest. My short term goal is to get to 300 properties over the next couple of years.

stress free wealth creation investment properties US
All about Wealth Creation

Now I want to share my success with you. Stress free wealth creation is a realistic and achievable aim for all property investors. I will help you start from scratch, or accelerate your growth, in building your US Property Portfolio with Section 8 properties at the core. You need very little funds to start with, although if you have funds we can grow your portfolio a little faster.

By signing up to my course you will build an excellent knowledge base, learn how to use other people’s money for purchase, where the best opportunities lie and how to ensure your properties are well managed – thereby producing consistent NET rental yields of between 15% and 20%

Believe me, there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve. Follow my guidelines, take my advice and financial independence will be assured for you and your family